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Cali Stoner Girls

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Cali Stoner Girls

Meet The Cali Stoner Girls

Cali Stoner Girls celebrates the laid back lifestyle of Southern California and the beautiful women who live here. 420 is fully, recreationally legal here!

Check the link below for a few samples from the content in the member's section of Emma site.


Cali Stoner Girls is a website dedicated to celebrating the carefree lifestyle of Southern California girls. Our girls, both models and influencers, take to the recreational use of legalized 420 as they pose for the infamous Zachary Elliot, who photographs them. At Cali Stoner girls, we work with the most beautiful and sensual models worldwide, sharing their exclusive photos and videos on our website.

We combine their erotica and relaxed vibes to capture their beauty and inner expressions under the effects of legalized 420. We boast of over 13,000 photos and 8 videos in 217 sets for our premium members. You can have exclusive access to our premium member section when you sign up here:


Mati Marroni is a model and entrepreneur who is well known for her bold and charming attitude. Mati loves modeling, and she is mostly photographed in low-cut tops, bikinis, or quirky t-shirts that display her curves in fascinating ways. She is extremely self-reliant, and she motivates her followers to do the same. Although Mati is a public figure that most people lust after for her bountiful assets, Mati is more than just her sensuality. With 321k followers and counting, this exquisite Texan beauty takes over the business world with exemplary knowledge and skills.


Kendra is a self-motivated, fun-loving entertainer who dropped out of college to follow her dreams. Her YouTube channel and Instagram posts are dedicated to entertaining and informing her followers with new fashion tips, dietary tips, picking the right lingerie, and more. Kendra has a vibrant and relaxed vibe that has made her very popular among the masses. Her drop-dead gorgeous body and lively personality make her the perfect model at Cali Stoner Girls.


Brooke Eva is a model, muse, and artist. She is a photographer herself, but she loves to work in front of the camera more than behind it. Brooke is an exquisite Brunette beauty with sharp features and an unmatched grace. She’s a self-proclaimed pan-sexual who loves to express herself through her work. Brooke is very open as a stoner, and she shares her opinions, views, and relaxed vibes with the world.


One of the most gorgeous and bold models you will ever know is Caitlyn Sway. She has a penchant for bikinis and lingerie, and she is not shy to show them off. Her grace is unmarred in front of the camera as she poses in various states of sensuality. Caitlyn’s flexibility and chilled attitude are reflected well in her photographs, which she loves.

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